Manage your computers from anywhere!

Remotely manage your desktop backups via web-based console

You can manage your data backups, restore files / folders to the corresponding computers, modify application settings, view logs and do much more on each of your connected computers, with the IBackup web-based console.

Install IBackup Version or later on all your computers and start managing them via the web - whenever, wherever!

All your backup needs - via the web!

Manage your computers via centralized web console

Access and manage all of your computer backups via the IBackup web-interface.

Propagate settings to all connected computers

Edit and propagate application settings via the web-interface to all connected computers.

Real-time data backups via the web

Select the files / folders that you wish to backup and back them up to your IBackup account. View backup progress, logs etc, via web-interface.

Remotely install the application

Centralized web-based console helps you remotely upgrade to the latest version of IBackup on any connected far-away computer.

Real-time local backup

Perform local backup to any external drive or IBackup Wi-Fi, connected to your remote computers.

Centralized web-based console - overview

  • Manage Computers

    Displays all the computers you backed up to your IBackup account via the desktop application.

    To manage a particular computer, click on the computer name, to view the IBackup application interface on the web.

  • Backup

    Perform online or local backup on your connected computer.

  • Restore

    Restore files / folders directly to your connected computers – from your IBackup account or the local devices connected to that computer.

  • Scheduler

    Automate data backups by Scheduling them on your connected computer.

  • Settings

    Configure the backup settings on your connected computer.

  • View Logs

    All the IBackup operations (backup, restore, etc.) performed using the IBackup application are listed here.

  • Propagate Settings

    Make changes to all your remote computers at once.