A temporary storage location for all your deleted files

When you delete files and folders from your IBackup account, they are moved to Trash – a temporary storage. All deleted files can be restored from trash within 30 days. If you ever delete important data from your IBackup account accidently, trash comes in very handy to salvage files.

You can easily restore up to 10 previous versions of each deleted files from trash or you can move them back to their original location in your IBackup account. The space occupied by the data in trash is not considered while calculating your account storage.

Files in trash are automatically removed after 30 days, and cannot be retrieved thereafter.

Restoring deleted files - web

Log in to, Under IBackup tab, click ‘Trash’. Select the files to restore and click .

Restoring deleted files - desktop

Log in to your desktop application. Under Restore tab, click 'Trash'. Select the files to restore and click .