Restore Data using IBackup Express™

Securely restore bulk data in speed, via IBackup Express™

IBackup Express™ speeds up your data retrieval from the cloud account via physical shipment of temporary storage device. IBackup sends the most recent version of your data in encrypted format to ensure that your files are safe during transit. Using the IBackup application, you can easily restore your files in original format.

Steps for data restore

  1. Fill in the hard drive shipment form available at and specify the files and folders you wish to restore. We will ship your data via a USB hard drive.
  2. Once you receive the hard drive, connect it to your computer using the USB cable, and launch the IBackup application.
  3. From the Backup tab, select the ‘Backup files to my local / Wi-Fi device’ radio button.

  4. Click  Disk Image and select the hard drive as 'Backup location on your local drive'.
  5. Next, go to the 'Restore' tab and choose Local Device in 'Select files / folders for restore'.

  6. Select the files to be restored, and click Restore Now.
  7. Disconnect the hard drive using the ‘safely remove hardware’ button.
  8. Repackage the drive and the USB cord into the box they arrived in.
  9. Place the return label on the box, bring the package to the post office and ship it back to IBackup

Note: Once you have restored all your files, you must ship the hard drive back to IBackup.